Fit Out Design & Specification Services

From site sketches, to 2D drawings, 3D renders and material specifications our design and specification services are central to all our fit out projects.

Often, companies considering a project don’t have any experience in this field of Fit Out & Refurbishment Therefore, unaware of the technicalities, implications or potential consequences of what awaits them.

Each Project has its own challenges, regulations, specifications and legal obligations. The client and the contractor have a duty of care to ensure the project is Building Control Compliant and designed and implemented to current Building Regulations and CDM Regulations.

Without a clear direction on how the project will be designed and specified they can leave them selves exposed to all kinds of issues. Each project needs a blueprint on which to make informed decisions.

Every fit out or refurbishment project needs this service. It is required from at lease one of the following requirements, Compliance, Health & Safety, Specification or a visual aspect. Usually, a combination of all of them. At SPF Projects we can produce a clear scope of works including design & specification.

An Architect or Architectural Technologist can charge between 12-15% of project value. However, SPF Projects have a proven 5 step system that covers all the necessary bases and at only a fraction of the cost. Typically, between 3-7% of project value. We also offer a price match on our specification and full refund of the design & specification service should SPF Projects be your chosen contractor.

SPF Projects proven design and specification process

Site Survey Sketches & 2D Drawings

3D Model and Visualisation Rendering

Material Specification

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