Glass Office Partitions Newcastle

Creating the perfect office space using glazed partition walling systems is not difficult and the outcome can be transforming.

All you need is the space and a good installer to help you reach the end result for an office which can be open plan style and screened off with a modern, trendy, well designed glass screen area.

Glass office partitions are moving fast towards becoming the favourite choice for office or meeting room trends. This has now reversed the situation from a few years back when a full open-plan office style was all the go. It’s great having a modern looking commercial working environment but if it isn’t practical then how much money has been lost?

As a highly recommended, glass screen office fit-out company, SPF Projects have designed and fitted both full glass screen panel and stud partitioning in a wide number of organisations across the North East of England. From glass screens with blinds to offer a bit more privacy to fully branded logo’s to add that extra impressive touch; we have been involved with some amazing clients who have thoroughly been ‘over the moon’ with their finished product.

Do you think you could benefit from a glass partition office or meeting room?

Sometimes it is the thought of the upheaval or disruption which can stop decision-makers to make that move into improving the office facilities. It could be down to budget, time or simply not knowing where to start.

Hatton Traffic Management, based in Newcastle and who are a great example of one of our clients who wanted to improve their working environment by installing new glass partition offices and a meeting room. Getting started was quite simple, once they had contacted SPF Projects, it was all taken care of from start to finish. From designing the layout, measuring the panels and installing the final product, it was fully project managed, enable Hatton Traffic to continue with their day to day workload.

It’s not just about getting a contractor to fit a glass screen office, the whole experience of collaborating with the supplier and putting your stamp on the design is important. Hatton Traffic wanted their blue brand strip across the glass screen, allowing their recognition of colours to be a main focus point within the office. The full glass screen office, complete with glass doors, certainly made an impact when entering the new offices but equally, the new design and office installation was fit for purpose and met their full requirements.

Making the most of your space is another helpful tip to know. SPF Projects would recommend you check the proposed areas to ensure there are no obstructions such as trunking, pipes, windows etc. as this will spoilt the final look of the office. Data points, electrics and lighting can be added so don’t worry about that but flooring condition would need to be factored into your planning.

There is no need to panic as that is what the experts are there for as they can spot issues a mile off and be ready to put forward a solution to any problem. Hatton Management’s project consisted of other small civil works and office partitioning which allowed them to remain in Newcastle and not have the issues of finding suitable premises to relocate.

Newcastle has seen a lot of upgrades lately for both businesses and commercial fit-outs and glass screen partitions have been a top contender. They look, feel and last so it’s a design and product which offers good value for money and a design which is easy to dismantle should you need to vacate the premises and have dilapidation to put in place to keep the landlord happy. It’s a win, win!

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