Consult & Design

SPF Projects were approached by IDS who are based in Boldon Business Park, Tyne and Wear. Their sole aim was to amalgamate two buildings into one working space, allowing the second business unit to be free to rent to another company.

Their vision was to enable all staff working in both Boldon units, to be under one roof therefore design, space and planning would need careful thought. As the lease was about to come up on building number 2 within the next 6 months, time was important and so the project needed to have a starting point quickly. Luckily the budgets had been signed off so now all was needed was the design, estimate and the right contractor.

The Operations Manager had some excellent layout draft plans, measurements and vision which placed this project onto its first footing. From here, an off-the-cuff meeting took place to bring the reality of the vision into place and an opportunity for SPF to add some value for the office fit out project.

With relationships built up, trust and confidence firing high, SPF provided a quotation or ‘Bill of Quants’ for the first and second phase of the project. This first phase included the downstairs fit out area of offices, partitioning, flooring, ceilings and decoration.

The second phase of the project would include an open plan office, meeting rooms, boardroom, kitchen area and corridors. SPF would assist with the design, building guidance and layout to ensure IDS were on track both with regulations and good working practice for their fit out project.

Manage and Build

Working to minimise disruption was an important part of this project. SPF fully understood that operations would need to continue whilst their build is taking place. Strong communication and regular discussions enabled good planning to be put in place by both SPF and IDS. Project management was delivered from SPF from start to finish, all included in the price quoted.

This left the managing and build totally to SPF, delivering to timescales whilst allowing the client’s team to concentrate on what they do best, their day-to-day work.

Office partitioning re-use and environmental thinking

Like every project, there are certain aspects which need more care in some particular areas for a successful office fit out project. IDS wanted to re-use some partitioning from their office strip out from the first floor (which was to be made into an open-plan). This would be recycled and re-used for the small meeting rooms or offices on the ground floor, providing a saving for the client and a environmental benefit feature.

SPF had this covered and from the point of stripping the old partitioning out, it was carefully stored and protected for when this was to be used.

Samples of flooring, colour charts and lighting were provided to allow IDS to select their personal touch, allowing the client to be in control of the project and maintain their vision. Design had been signed off from drawings provided to IDS from SPF, all part of the office fit out service, once the quotation had been accepted. Again, more value for money as part of SPF’s service delivery.

New Space

What a difference as this building was totally transformed and an ideal space which suited their business needs, not just a visual impact!

The careful planning, guidance and knowledge from SPF had paid off, allowing IDS to provide a really nice working environment for staff to take breaks and feel comfortable whilst working together.

By bringing in the brand colours of the red and grey, it blended well with the white walls and theme. The open planned rest area and kitchen, provided a minimalistic and tidy area, compact and easy to keep clean. Lots of space and staff friendly.

The building was now fresh, clean and adequate for any of their clients who would visit. Boardrooms were themed with names with the IDS manifestation added to the main boardroom glass partitioning which was in the open office area.

The long-term benefit of amalgamating the staff into one building has paid off dividends, leaving IDS with a lovely working environment which has been professionally completed for a great office fit out project.

Their business strategy has been to make use of the space they had on a more sensible note, allowing a building to be reduced, saving money on leasing a building, light, heating and maintenance. Great business planning and a brilliant office fit out from SPF Projects.


“Having worked with SPF for some significant renovations in our offices and laboratory areas, I was delighted with the standard of work and was kept well informed on the progress of the project at every stage. SPF injected ideas which enhanced the end result and made sure every detail received the full attention it merited. SPF are now our first port of call for any works within our site.”

– Operational Manager, IDS

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