Krispy Kreme Case Study


Krispy Kreme Doughnuts’ first UK store was opened in 2003 and, since then, a number of ‘Hotlight’ stores have been launched across the UK supplying coffee bars, kiosks and in-store cabinets across the country with donuts that have been made fresh that morning.

The Background

A recent drive to increase the number of Krispy Kreme outlets across the UK meant a number of new sites needed to be fitted out to the Krisy Kreme specification.

The Testimonial

We were looking for a company that could not only install racking and increase capacity but also improve safety in our warehouse by providing safety inspections.

SPF Projects were recommended by a contact of mine at Toyota – they had a reputation of good service and the exact capability that we were looking for.
They initially installed a racking system in a warehouse in one of our hubs in the South of the UK.

We were so impressed with quality of work that we have developed a direct relationship with them – resulting in them installing a range of storage solutions for a number of sites across the UK.

One of these includes the Gateshead Hotlight store – which is the main supplier to all of the kiosks, coffee shops and cabinets to the North of the UK.

It is vital that the contractor that we chose was able to deliver, giving how critical this store is in the wider operations of Krispy Kreme and that is why we asked SPF to deliver this project.

We continue to find SPF to be good value for money as well extremely professional. Krispy Kreme’s organisation is complex so, decision making is not necessarily straight forward, however SPF’s team have demonstrated excellent customer handling and service.”

Logistics Manager, Krispy Kreme UK Ltd