Social Distancing Screens Newcastle

For those wishing to return to work and also wanting to conform to the governments latest advice regarding social distancing in the workplace, effective personal space management in the form social distancing screens are a great solution.

Our social distancing screen systems can be supplied pre-assembled and delivered to anywhere in the UK mainland with a choice of coloured aluminium frames.

SPF Projects have worked with a wide range of businesses across the North East and understanding that home working is simply not a solution for everyone. What is needed immediately are interventions that can reduce the risk of viral transmission within workplaces. From planning and designing, through to sourcing, installation and aftercare, SPF Projects provide the turnkey solution to cost effective and professional social distancing screens.

Easy to install in any desk configuration, our social distancing screens are made of durable glass and aluminium. All our products are designed and manufactured in the UK with any desk size or office layout able to be considered with bespoke design solutions.

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