The Forgotten Room – Commercial Bathroom Design

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Having a brand-new office fit out completed is fantastic – there’s nothing quite like that first day at work when you walk back in to your newly decked out office. However, there’s one (or two, actually) rooms that never get as much press, the toilets.

During a recent study from Armitage Shanks, they found that seven out of ten office employees expected a similar standard of their workplace restrooms as their bathrooms at home. It also reported that many office employees believe the quality of the washrooms at their workspaces has a direct impact on their job satisfaction and wellbeing.

Perhaps more importantly, if you have customers visiting your premises it states that the bathroom experience determines whether customers will return to the business or not. And this is why washroom design is so important but is frequently bottom of the list in the reckoning during refurbishment.

Although you may think all bathrooms are alike, a little thought shows they all have unique requirements, such as office workers may expect more of a ‘home standard’, gym users would expect lockers and showers, restaurant users may expect higher standards of fittings and cleanliness.

Number of users is also very important. There are legal requirements (both HSE & Building Control) on the number of facilities available depending upon the number of likely users, but these can vary and so it is crucial to ensure you meet the required standards to avoid issues in the future. It’s best to err on the side of caution and over-estimate, rather than under-estimate, the number of users.

Once you have decided upon the number of users, you then need to decide upon fixtures. Naturally, budget will play a part in deciding what fixtures are used, but bear in mind that higher quality fixtures not only provide a better washroom experience but should provide better performance and reliability, reducing maintenance and downtime.

One final word is on hygiene. A well planned and designed washroom, particularly integrating good ventilation, not only improves hygiene but can aid and speed up cleaning routines, reducing time required for cleaning and keeping the washroom area smelling fresh.

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