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When creating your workspace, efficient planning is crucial. A well planned, efficient workspace design and layout will improve productivity and moral within the team.

Starting with a considered plan and design, your workspace should outwardly convey how you work within the business and also reflect your core message to your prospective clients.

In a recent study by Eurostat (Feb 2018) it shows that the UK work the longest working week within Europe. A staggering average 1700 hour per year are spend in their office or workspace. Hence why not only is the productivity of the business vital, but the functionality of the team and their well being is also paramount.

Your workspace should be a pleasant and inviting area to work in and this is where good planning and design come in.

When planning your workspace, it’s very easy to get dragged down a rabbit hole with the latest and greatest designs and concepts but before you do, take the following into consideration and maybe ask the following questions. These will help you set your objectives.

SPF Projects offer concept design, drawings, 2D and 3D visuals along with state of the art virtual walkthroughs in Live 3D of any workspace.

You also want to consider the functional needs of your business and the strategic positioning of offices, meeting rooms and also when to position reception etc.

Finally, you want to consider your budget. Office refurbishments and fit out projects can easily run away if the budget is not protected and managed.

Starting with planning, then design, followed by functionality, it will really help to put in the foundations of your project in place and give you a real solid platform to work to.

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What to consider in your workspace design

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